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Rates and conditions

Rent and equipment

Studio rental from Monday to Friday

  • Studio rental per day (10 hours) 650€
  • Studio rental 1/2 da400€


  • Extra hours day60€
  • Extra weekend - saturday and sunday250€
  • Extra Festive among week125€
  • Hours set up and wrap50€


  • Paint Cyclorama in whiteto check
  • Cyclorama special paintingto check

Power Consumption

  • Electrical Concuption Kw. / hour0.70€

Other services

  • Coffee Machinefree
  • Cateringto check
  • Rent Photographic materialto check
  • Rent Video Materialto check
  • Cleaning (hour)25 €



It is necessary that the user of LightRunner studio (Light Runner SL with residence in Padilla Street , num 240 bajos interior izquierda, 08013 Barcelona, ​​registered in the Mercantile Registry with CIF: B66553744) has read and accepts the contracting conditions and the privacy policy, because the use of these services presupposes the adhesion to these conditions in the updated version published in the web of

Light Runner SL reserves the right to modify the contracting conditions or the privacy policy when necessary and without previous notice. These will always appear updated on the company website.


The rates described on the website are in euros (€) and do not include VAT. All rates include the insurance costs. Rates are valid except for typographical or printing errors. The rates and other informative texts used by Light Runner sl are only an indication of the amount and range of products offered and consequently no amount, description or characteristic will be considered mandatory by Light Runner sl.


To book the studio of the company Light Runner SL will be necessary to send a document of reservation to and it must be answered and confirmed by Light Runner SL by the same means.

For the reservation of the studio, a deposit of 50% of the total amount of the rent will be required, together with the formal acceptance of the rental conditions described in this document, which must be submitted via mail ( 24 hours prior to the reservation date.

When entering the studio, the remaining 50% of the contracted rental payment must be made, or if it has been previously agreed by mail, leave a credit card as a deposit or provide the data as a guarantee of payment.

The contracted rental time of set will include the preparation / assembly of all the elements, technical and decorative, as well as the wrap, conditioning and cleaning. In case of needing more time than previously contracted, it will be charged the overtime stablished in the Rates section of the website of LightRunner sl (

At the end of the session, the studio will be checked and the condition of the material and the space too. The tenant can benefit from the cleaning service offered by Light Runner SL and described in the Rates section of the company website.


The rental includes the use of the spaces of the set and others like the office, bath and dressing rooms.

It is forbidden to smoke in all spaces or to use any product that may cause flames or smoke inside the studio, unless it has been previously agreed.

The cyclorama and its curve are excluded from the insurance, so that any damage caused will carry the economic penalty corresponding to the entire repair.

In case the client wants the ciclorama painted, it must be communicated by mail at least 48 hours in advance of the date of reservation of the space and pay in advance the costs described in the Rates section of the company website.

The spaces are intended for photographic or video-graphic uses and in no case may be used for other activities without prior agreement.

Any damage caused to the spaces, materials or elements contained in them during the rental of the facilities, will be the responsibility of the client.


Light Runner sl is the sole owner of all rented equipment and materials. It is not allowed to pawn, assign the property as a guarantee, sell, sublet or pledge or any other act of disposition.

Light Runer SL declines any liability in accidents or damages that could cause third parties as a result of the use of the material or facilities rented, whatever their causes.

Light Runner SL will try to substitute any material that has to be delivered and is not in perfect conditions, in such a way Light Runner SL is not responsible for the damages that this can cause to the customer.

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